I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


urban sketching symposium in manchester

the symposium in manchester last week was a blast!
the city is a contrast of art nouveau, industrial and modern building that is a festival for sketchers.
we had a great time in spite of the british weather, and I can't thanks enough the organizers: simone, orling, fernanda, elizabeth, mario… for the great work!
here are the drawings I manage to do during the week, between the workshops, the démo and lectures, visiting the manchester museum, the museum of science and industry and having beers with the buddies…
I will come back to manchester, it is a promise!
"peveril of the peak" pub
manchester school of art
minshull's house
bristol 192 belvedere

"dragon rapide"
mr thomas's chop house
mr thomas's chop house
manchester school of art
all saints park
opening of the symposium
"paris, je t'aime" signature
albert square
workshop "cars in the city" with gérard michel
workshop "cars in the city" with gérard michel
paul heaston
oxford street
paul heaston's workshop
paul heaston's workshop
paul heaston's workshop
waterloo place
workshop "cars in the city" with gérard michel
workshop "cars in the city" with gérard michel
pou du ciel
the pub zoo
bristol 192 belvedere
rochdale canal


sketchbook skool online klass

sketchbook skool klass
exciting news: I’m one of the teachers in Stretching, an upcoming Sketchbook Skool klass!
yes, that’s “klass,” with a k, because Sketchbook Skool is no ordinary online art skool. Sketchbook Skool’s mission is “art for all”—they believe everyone is, and can be, creative. all people need are teachers to show them how fun it can be to develop a creative habit. that’s where I come in!

starting august 5, Sketchbook Skool’s Stretching klass will begin online. for each of the six weeks of the kourse, you’ll get a new teacher (including me!) showing you how to take your creativity to the next level. you’ll also join the Sketchbook Skool community of creative people just like us from all over the world. there are fun, informative lessons, great assignments, and places to post your creations! to check out stretching and meet the teachers, click here.

there’s still time to sign up for this great kourse, but you don’t want to miss a single moment. join me and Sketchbook Skool and sign up for Stretching now!


"paris, je t'aime" signature in manchester

I will dedicate my book "paris, je t'aime" on wednesday 27th of july from 15:00 to 16:30, at blackwell's bookshop (Bridgeford Street, Manchester M13 9PL).
it's 5 minutes away from the manchester school of art. come and say hi!
"paris, je t'aime" signature in manchester

"cars in the city" workshop

gérard michel and I will teach the workshop "cars in the city" next week during the urban sketching symposium in manchester. see you there!
"cars in the city" workshop



I was invited by luis ruiz this week to participate to a great workshop at the university of malaga: "miradas en la ciudad. urban sketching y street photography", comparing the visions of street photographers as miguel trillo and eduardo d'acosta, and the vision of urban sketchers as inma serrano, clara marta and me.
here is a video about my vision of the city:

and a few drawings of the 2 days I spent there.

miguel trillo torremolinos torremolinos renault fuego GTX eduardo d'acosta - street photography cadillac eldorado 1959 fuldamolbile 1955 luis P22 rubén