I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


"paris, je t'aime" signature in manchester

I will dedicate my book "paris, je t'aime" on wednesday 27th of july from 15:00 to 16:30, at blackwell's bookshop (Bridgeford Street, Manchester M13 9PL).
it's 5 minutes away from the manchester school of art. come and say hi!
"paris, je t'aime" signature in manchester

"cars in the city" workshop

gérard michel and I will teach the workshop "cars in the city" next week during the urban sketching symposium in manchester. see you there!
"cars in the city" workshop



I was invited by luis ruiz this week to participate to a great workshop at the university of malaga: "miradas en la ciudad. urban sketching y street photography", comparing the visions of street photographers as miguel trillo and eduardo d'acosta, and the vision of urban sketchers as inma serrano, clara marta and me.
here is a video about my vision of the city:

and a few drawings of the 2 days I spent there.

miguel trillo torremolinos torremolinos renault fuego GTX eduardo d'acosta - street photography cadillac eldorado 1959 fuldamolbile 1955 luis P22 rubén


le mans classic 2016

it is a once in a lifetime experience to assist to "le mans classic 2016" race, watching cars from 1923 to 1979 competing in the legendary circuit of the "24 heures du mans".
between the dedicates, I went to the paddocks sketching racing cars, and I stand aside the "courbe dunlop" or "arnage" until late at night to enjoy the race at its best.
air france
porsche 904/6 GTS
matra djet ZS
DB type HBR-5
ford GT40 MKII
lambretta TV175
christian papazoglakis
dédicace au club ACO
tgv le mans > paris


"carnet de bagnoles" in le mans classic

carnet de bagnoles vol.1 & 2 in le mans
I will sign my books "carnet de bagnoles" vol.1 & 2 during "le mans classic" from the 8th to the 10th of july.


exposition chez artazart

retour en vidéo et en questions sur l'exposition et le lancement de mon livre "paris, je t'aime".
l'exposition est visible tous les jours jusqu'au 11 septembre, chez artazart, au 83 quai de valmy, paris 10ème.


hasta los cojines!

I'm glad to share with you this special project I'm participating to: a collection of illustrated cushions with the brand "la mallorquina" from barcelona.
here is a short interview (in spanish) about my participation.
see you on tuesday 28th of june, at the galeria cromo fro the show.

"paris, je t'aime" on sale!

you can now purchase my book "paris, je t'aime" online in french, english and spanish edition!
available online!

and the winners are…

louise picked up the names of the winners of the lapin-lottery.
congratulation to paskal35, nellie belle and axel corso!
please, send me your address by email and which version you want: french, english or spanish.
and thanks to all the participants, it's a record with 130 little papers…
next month, I will run a new lottery with the "carnet de bagnoles vol.2" :)
for the ones who asked, my book "paris, je t'aime" is available online, visit my shop!
and the winners are…


urban sketchers annual meeting in bordeaux

it was such a pleasure to assist to the 4th annual meeting of the urban sketchers france, which takes place in bordeaux 2 weeks ago. we were about 200 sketchers in the city, I was seeing some people drawing everywhere!
I spent 3 lovely days sketching with old friends and meeting a bunch of new one.
"vive les urban sketchers!"
following are my drawings of the weekend.
if you want to look at what the buddies sketched, checked the flickr group urban sketchers bordeaux.
la grosse cloche
église sainte croix
lolo wagner
citroën U2350
julie & sophie
porte de cailhau


exhibition in frankfurt am main on 23rd of june

see you next thursday at 18:00 at kombinatrotweiss gallery, grosse rittergasse 33, frankfurt am main, for the opening of my exhibition "entdeckungreise um die welt". bis bald!
exhibition in frankfurt on 23rd of june
exhibition in frankfurt on 23rd of june


"paris, je t'aime" lottery

to celebrate my last book "paris, je t'aime", it's time for the traditional "lapin-lottery"!
louise will pick up 3 names from the comments of this post, to win a dedicate copy.
you have until monday midnight, paris hour.
let's play!
"paris, je t'aime" lottery
"paris, je t'aime" lottery


see you on tuesday!

"paris, je t'aime" dédicace et vernissage
dédicace de mon dernier livre "paris, je t'aime" et vernissage de l'exposition à partir de 18:30 chez artazart, au 83 quai de valmy, 75010 paris.


"paris, je t'aime" book launch

"paris, je t'aime" launching
save the date, I will present my book "paris, je t'aime" next june 14th at artazart, quai de valmy, 83 at 18:30. see you there!