I am looking for old accounting books. if you have some, used or not, I am interested in it!


one o nine

from my friend's tatooist & enobarberia "1.Ø.9" shop in barcelona.
one o nine tatoo & barbershop in bcn


opéra garnier

during my last visit in paris, I had the chance to assist to the repetition of the national dance school of paris opera, on stage with the orchestra.
I was surprised how the wonderful chagall's painting of the cupola interact with the dancers.
but I get a hard time trying to catch the grace of the young students…
opéra garnier
opéra garnier


amélie graux

amélie graux
coup de coeur pour les carnets d'amélie graux lors du dernier apéro "de lignes en ligne" la semaine dernière. santé!


galerie de paléontologie

one of my favourite place on earth: the "galerie d'anatomies comparées et de paléontologie" of the natural history museum of paris.
galerie de paléontologie
galerie de paléontologie



I'm proud to announce that I have a new agent in germany called kombinatrotweiss!
check out for more info!  


sneak peek of cuba

I went to Cuba to create a sketchbook dedicated to this beautiful country.
Here is a sneak peek  of 170 pages of revolution, mojitos, spectacular cars, amazing people and splendid architecture.
Viva Cuba Libre! 

sneak peek of cuba


"urban sketching, the complete guide to techniques" book

2 years ago, during the 3rd symposium of urban sketching in santo domingo, I met thomas thorspecken, well known as the prolific daily sketcher running the blog "analog artist digital world".
So, when he asked me last year to participate to his book project titled "urban sketching, the complete guide to techniques", I was excited to do so!
the book is the essential guide for those who would learn every tips from many international urban sketchers. go for it!
urban sketching book
thanks thomas, and congrats for the good job!


back from cuba

I'm back from cuba with around 170 pages of revolution, great meetings, salsa, mojitos and old cars.
soon a preview about this new travel book.
viva cuba libre!


out for sketching

out for sketching
I'm out for sketching until the 14th of march. see ya!



derbi 250 (1950)
I joined the inky fingers barcelona last friday night to sketch the derbi motorbike exhibition at l'illa diagonal. I spent nearly 2 hours on that one while talking with the others sketchers…


"1925 quand l'art déco séduit le monde" exhibition in paris

I can't miss this exhibition in the "cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine" in paris: wonderful!
"art déco" exhibition in paris
"art déco" exhibition in paris
"art déco" exhibition in paris
"art déco" exhibition in paris


rallye de monte carlo historique

last friday was the departure from barcelona of the 17th rallye de monte carlo historique.
I spent the afternoon sketching in front of the cathedral, starting by the oldest lady participating this year:
rallye de montecarlo historique 2014
that I already sketched 2 years ago:
anglia deluxe
then, I go for this muscle renault 5 alpine:
rallye de montecarlo historique 2014
and had no time for this simca before the departure at 7pm…
rallye de montecarlo historique 2014


megaloceros giganteus

you all know my passion for dinosaurs, it's also true for giant mammals of the quaternary like this very big irish deer. here a few sketches of the specimens of the natural history of paris, ny and frankfurt.
megaloceros giganteus


fairy tale village in germany

I went for a few days to a very small and unknown village in the south west of germany last week: neudenau.
the main place is an impressive juxtaposition of old medieval houses, and in spite of the 3ºC and the rain, I manage to sketch some of them. I wish I could have sketched the all landscape as on this picture, but my frozen fingers can't make it, and I had to spend an hour indoor next to the fire place between this 2 drawings…
neudenau neudenau